Friday, June 27, 2008

First Daring Bakers Challenge-The Danish

I am now a proud member of the Daring Bakers, and this was my first challenge, and it was definitely that...a challenge. I made the Danish while my husband was out of town. I went to my moms house to make it because of her lovely kitchen and ended up sleeping over because of how time consuming it was. However it was absolutely worth it. I filled my danish with a cream cheese sauce with homemade strawberry jam. The two flavors paired wonderfully together. I had so much fun learning this new skill. I am excited for the next time I make it because there are things I would like to do differently. If anyone has a couple of days to try this out-do! You wont be dissappointed with the result. And sorry about the not so amazing post, I am running late for a flight to Vegas and when I got home I will post the recipe.

Kneadin the dough: and those arne't my hands kneadin it,
I had to take a break so my mom helped me out.

Now rolling it out, this time those are my hands-I regained my strength!
Now the dough with the butter blocked wrapped in the middle,
this has to be refrigerated for thirty minutes, rolled out and folded again,
repeated 3 times and after the last one refrigerated over night,
this is where its time consuming.

Lovely cream cheese and strawberry filling, I am really glad
I chose this pairing, it was delectable!
All braided and ready to bake!

With the leftover dough I made a little one and filled it only
with cream cheese filling because my lil sis is allergic to strawberries (I know how sad!)
But her little one turned out so cute!

And the finished product!
And a close up, to further document the delectable Danish challenge.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So, I have to apologize for not posting in over two weeks! Life has been crazy busy but now I finally have time to post my cupcake pops I made for a wedding shower a couple weeks ago. I couldn't wait to make them after I saw them on bakerella's blog and the shower was a perfect opportunity. They were definitely a hit and for step by step instructions go to Bakerella's blog. They were a bit time consuming but now that I got the hang of it hopefully next time it wont take me so long. Here are a few more pictures to document my cupcake pops...

All of my pops waiting to dry...

They made the perfect table decoration as well as perfect party treat!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Super Easy Cheese Cake Ice Cream!

Seriously, talk about easy and delicious. I am already practicing for my family reunion ice cream contest (which I took first place in last year!). I got the recipe from David Lebovitz book "The Perfect Scoop", which is where I got my winning Malted Milk Ball ice cream recipe from last year. I have been so used to making a custard on the stove for my ice cream base that when I saw for this recipe you threw all the ingredients in a blender I couldn't believe it! I took it to a family dinner tonight and it was devoured so fast I didn't get to take a cute presentation pic, so the following ones will have to do. Hope you have time to try this out and let me know if you think its a winning recipe!

* Sorry about deleting the recipe but due to sneaky activity and suspicion of an aunt stealing it for the annual Bear Lake ice cream contest, I have been forced to remove it.

All my ingredients ready to go:

Throw it in the blender and puree away!

Creamy, luscious cheesecake ice cream batter,
be careful because you might eat half of this
before its even ice cream just like I did!

After churcning in the ice cream maker for about
20 min. And again, this is the best pic of the finished product
I got because it was eaten before I had time to take any better pictures.