Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Listen up people!! I've got a seriously good cookie recipe for ya!

Ok-so I may have already posted this recipe before...but I made them again and this time they are extra good! I mean Extra EXTRA good! They are Kathleen Kings Double Chocolate Almond Cookies (again i left out the almonds-not a huge fan of nuts in my cookies-sometimes they are ok). Wanna know why they were EXTRA good this time?? K I'll tell ya!

For the cocoa powder I used my new dutch process cocoa, Extra Brutte Cocoa Powder. This stuff is awesome. Such a deep, chocolately flavor. It took these cookies to another level. Can't wait to make them again!

they made lovely little gifts too:)

I've also decided I'm going to move away from cupcakes for a while and start making cookies. It was so nice yesterday when I made them to not have to worry about making an icing for them, not have to worry about decorating them...and quit frankly I would rather have one of these cookies than a cupcake. Gasp! I know! Crazy right?

Well tomorrow we are going on our first family vacation with out little one! Guess where we're going...I'll give you a hint...

our first stop will be to visit Lou Malnati's Pizzeria...
then the next day we are going to take a little drive to what I considered my home-where I grew up to get a delicious butter burger from Solly's Grille. This place is the birth place of the butter burger and I haven't had one in almost ten years so it's about time I go back and get me another!

If you haven't guessed, figured it out, or if you haven't gone to my lovely links :) ...You'll just have to wait till I post some pics tomorrow:)

I've posted the recipe for Kathleen cookies on my blog before, so you can look for it under "cookies" or you can go here for the recipe:)


  1. Have fun in Chi-town, Carly! Give K, R and D hugs from me!

  2. mmmmm they do look wonderful so as soon as i can have chocolate again, i'm making these

  3. Carly - those cookies you brought by were so delicious! Thanks so much!