Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Big News

Remember a few posts ago when I said I had some big news I was going to share soon? Well it's time to unveil the secret :)

Here it goes....we're moving!!!

And to where you ask?? Here's a hint, their deep dish pizza tops all and they don't call it the "Windy City" for nothin....

...yep...Chicago! Actually, I hear the true reason they call it the "Windy City" is because if the "windy" politicians, none the less, it is wiiiiiindy!

I can hardly believe we are moving. It's all happened really fast. The reason why we are moving is because Micah got a job out there. He couldn't be more excited. Me-I have more reservations but am really trying to be more positive. I will be honest, I wasn't too positive at the begining. I love where I live, I love that my mom is just 20 minutes away and we can see eachother whenever we want. I am very close with my mom and it is because of that why this move has been very challenging for me. But-I know we don't grow when we don't change and don't go through hard things. When there's change, there's growth. I moved around a lot growing up, each move was very difficult but I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Each move became a part of me and has made me a stronger person. I know the same will happen with this move, I try to think about that every time I get sad we are leaving :)

But we both are so grateful he has gotten a job when things are so hard right now. I also LOVE the Midwest. Especially the Chicago/Milwaukee areas. If we were to move anywhere I would want it to be there. Why? I spent most of my childhood in Milwaukee and my best friend for over 20+ years still lives there. I can't wait to be close to you again Lindsey! :) My brother and his wife and darling little girl also live in Chicago, we will be very close to them so that will be really fun.

It's looking like the big move will take place in April. I will keep you posted. :)

So sorry there's no recipe with this post, but check back tomorrow for a humdinger of a recipe. Seriously, this one is good. It is one probably one of my top 3 favorite things I have ever made. So check back tomorrow for that one! :)


  1. I totally understand your reservations, the one reason we dont move is because we love being close to our parents but than again Chicago is my favorite city so I am totally jealous!!

  2. Yay! Welcome to the Midwest :) It will be fun having you around the corner. We can have lots of cooking, makeup and Jerseylicious parties and trade off babysitting....Wahoo!

  3. Oh, I am so excited for you Carly!! That is so nice that you have at least a little family close by... It is tough to be far from family, but I bet you will enjoy it! :)