Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 Years and Counting...

Yesterday was our 5 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's been 5 years! Since we live in Chicago away from family, it was a little difficult to try to find a baby sitter. So, our little rug rat was the third wheel on our anniversary date, same as last year:) But it ended up being really fun. We went to my favorite restaurant here, Tasso's. I've been a little obsessed with Greek food lately. I think it's safe to say it's my favorite kind of food now. I've eaten such good Greek food here that I'm completely hooked, I think my husband is getting a little annoyed because every time we want to go out to eat I suggest a Greek place and he always reminds me how the last place we ate at was Greek. I just tell him that if we lived in Greece, we would eat it for every meal:) But if you are in the Naperville area in Illinois at all, you have got to go to Tasso's! They have this appetizer called flaming cheese-it's pretty much the best thing in this world! They take a big chunk of the most amazing cheese, pour ouzo on it and then light it, and viola-flaming cheese! They then squeeze lemon juice over it. It's really so good. The waiters there are so friendly and sweet.

Here are some pics of our anniversary night-filled with-none other than lots of yummy, yummy food:)

Flaming Cheese! Our waiter Jimmy was awesome:)
You can tell what a joy Eleni was to have at dinner:)

Happy Anniversary Micah! Love ya:)


  1. Yummy! We have a Tassos here also (although probably different) and we havent been in forever. This makes me want to go back very soon!!


  2. Happy Anniversary, Carly! I wish you could have been here last night to see Sophie. She did so great. You would have been such a proud big sister.

  3. That looks like a fun anniversary! I'm glad you guys still went out. We will watch her one night next week so you can go out, just the two of you :)

  4. O karen I wish I was there so bad! It was seriously breaking my heart! I am still so proud all the way out here in Chicago:) And Kori-we will take you up on that! ;)