Monday, February 18, 2008

Cupcakes and lemon bon bons I made for my lil sis' birthday party.


  1. No way you made these! The second I saw them I looked for the store name so I could know where you got them. I can't believe how beautiful and professional they look. Knowing how you bake, I bet they taste even better than they look too! You will have to teach me the art of baking the cupcake! Maybe I can even figure out how to make gluten free ones that look and taste just as good! If so, we could go into a business together! A bakery full of pastries made for the "normal" and the "not so normal"! I am very impressed. P.S. I'm guessing you know who wrote this. Despite the name :)

  2. When I started reading your comment I was a little confused when "Rick" referred to my cupcakes as "beautiful". Then I continued reading and figured it was you! I am so obsessed with cupcakes at the moment. I have found so many cute cupcake shops and it would be my dream to start one! And you could for sure find some amazing gluten free ones. When you come down for spring break I'll make you some. Hey where is your blog so I can post you comments?