Friday, October 17, 2008

Better late than never, right?

Last July I went on an amazing Alaskan cruise and have been meaning to post about it since I got back but somehow it got left out with all the baking I have been doing. So, even though I am a little embarrassed because this post is so late, I am still posting about it because as amazing as the cruise and the scenery was, the food was better! I had the best fish and crab I have ever had in my life. The fish and chips were to die for and the salmon-well- lets just say you haven't had salmon until you have had fresh Alaskan salmon. Today we are still enjoying Alaskan salmon because while in Alaska we went on a private boat to go fishing and I caught my first fish! A coho (I think thats how you spell it) salmon, and my husband and sister in law caught King salmon.
Here is the beautiful fish I caught:
And Micah's...
And the best fish and chips I have ever had in my life!

One of the very exciting moments on the trip was when we were in Skagwee and we were told about this little famous cupcake shop. So we went on the search and found it! It was the cutest little shop with the yummiest cupcakes! Look how cute....

Inside the darling store with my yummy cupcakes!

It was an amazing trip, probobly my favorite one to date. The scenery was beautiful and the food spectacular. We were able to do alot of fun and scary things. My least favorites were the many little plane rides we went on which I was convinced the whole time we were going to crash into a mountain. One of the most amazing things was the whale watching and going out in a boat very close to grizzly and black bears. We saw a momma bear with her three cubs. It was so cute but also very scary because we were so close to them. Here is a video clip of a little bit of what we saw...they were very cute, but also scary when you looked into their crazy eyes!

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  1. Hey Carly, Alaska looks so beautiful! That is one adventure that is on my bucket list! I posted that pumpkin dessert recipe on my blog and now I will be in search of the cute candy corn kisses!!! Loves, Dana