Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Recently I was watching the food network and the Neley's did a special on Salt Lake treats! It was very exciting seeing my state being represented. One of the things featured was Spotted Dog Ice Cream. Living half an hour from the city I was very disappointed I wasn't going to be tasting it anytime soon. However, as I was shopping at my local Harmons yesterday I saw some in the ice cream section! It was expensive, $4.99, so I was reluctant to buy it. But of course I did. I got the lemon cream pie ice cream and boy was it worth the $4.99! I would have paid ten bucks for one bite of it! It was amazing! Also featured on the food network was a bakery called Les Madelines. They have these amazing French pastries which I also tried but unfortunatly dont have a picture of. If you are ever in Salt Lake take advantage and try these yummy sweets!


  1. Oh! I've never heard of Spotted Dog Creamery...I'll have to hunt it down next time I head up to SLC.

    BUT--I adore Les Madeleines. It's such a great place. I could eat one of Romina's kouing aman every day.

  2. next time try the almond joy! me and edgar have to pick up two every time we go to the store! we are die hard fans!!!