Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Girls Day Out

A couple days ago my mom and little sister and I decided to have a fun girls night. We first stopped at the Blue Lemon to have some fish tacos then headed over to Dear Lizzie for a treat. Blue Lemon has many yummy cupcakes and treats but we wanted to shop around a bit so Dear Lizzie it was. I have never posted about their cupcakes and I think it is about time. First of all, they are super cute and girly. The best part about them is the frosting. Very thick frosting piled high. The cake itself is pretty average but the frosting makes the whole thing work. It was fun to grab a cupcake with my mom and sis and feel girly.

All of our goodies: My mom had the cookie, my sis had the cupcake
with chocolate frosting (she is a chocolate kinda girl) and I had the
cupcake with vanilla frosting (I am a vanilla girl)

The turkey pesto sandwich is definitely worth getting

Mom very excited to eat her cookie :)

Now take a look at that frosting, just the way I like it, thick, piled high
and delicious!


  1. what a cute cupcake shop! i wish i were near one now :) i love girls days with my mom and sisters; hope you guys had a great time!

  2. Wow those sure look good I have not heard of the Blue Lemon where is it?
    Thanks for making me hungry.......lol

  3. Mmm... I love Dear Lizzie. Perfect place for a girl's lunch. :)