Friday, October 9, 2009

Is 11 weeks to early to be planning a nursery???

On Sunday I will be 11 weeks pregnant, and already I am obsessed with wanting to decorate the nursery! I wish I knew what I was having it would make things alot easier. If it's a girl I don't want to do a pink nursery, and if it's a boy I don't want to do a blue nursery. I just want it to be full of lots of color...but if it is a girl look at this adorable bunny print from Anna Griffin in her Riley collection. I am absolutely obsessed with it! Do you think it could be used for boy or girl? Some people say yes some say no. If it was a boy and I did use it it would be in smaller amounts and I would pair it with a really cute brown fabric with lots of colored polka dots. My husband said there is no way if we have a boy that he will have a pink bunny blanket:) But it's so dang cute!!!!

And look at this cute stripe that I could pair with it!! If it was
a girl of course:)

Now if it's a boy I think I could definitely use this daring circus print
also from Anna Griffin. Don't you think? My husband might
have to deal with a little pink:)

So I have nothing to say about food right now, just had to get off my chest how obsessed I am with thinking about my little nursery and how badly I want to start a quilt for it! Guess I'll have to be patient:)


  1. They are all so adorable Carly. We are so excited for you guys. Hope you are feeling well. Decorating a fun!!!
    Karen Roberts

  2. Nurserys are way fun! I hope you get to find out a little early so you can get shopping!

  3. Cute fabric! NO I say it is never too early... I am no where near pregnant, and I even look at fun print and fabrics sometimes, too! (so if either of us is crazy, its me.) haha. How is your spa? Are you able to work on clients these days? We should have an Acaydia/Bonlosee alumni blog where we keep up with everyone! Have you heard from Heather or anyone else lately?