Sunday, November 15, 2009

The most AMAZING German Chocolate Cake Ever!!!!!!

I hope by the title you guys know how enthusiastic I am about this cake! I made it for my husbands Grandma for her birthday. Her favorite cake was German Chocolate, which is one of my favorites as well but I had never made a German Chocolate Cake so this would be new to me. I googled and what the consensus seemed to be among the foodies out there is that David Lebovitz had the best German Chocolate Cake recipe. And I have to agree.

Ok I do have a little confession....I used a box cake mix for the actual cake! (Gasp!) I know you are probably wondering why I just talked this cake up when in fact I actually didn't make the actual cake part. Well I talk it up because the coconut filling is the absolute most amazing thing I have ever tasted! I honestly could just eat a whole bowl of it! And the chocolate icing-to die for!!! When I have more time in the future I can't wait to try out his recipe for the cake and make it from scratch, but to be honest, with all of that wonderful coconut filling and chocolate icing smothered all over the cake no one could even spot that it wasn't homemade. I think you could serve cardboard with the coconut filling on it and people would go crazy! For the delicious recipe go here!

Me with Micah's Nana Loise, she is the most wonderful woman
and I love her to pieces!

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  1. Carly, will you make this German Chocolate Cake for my birthday? It looks amazing!