Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby bump and baby cupcakes

Here are some pictures of the other baby shower I had yesterday. Thanks mom and Kori for throwing me such a beautiful shower, and to all of you who made such amazing food for it! It was so much fun:)

I made mini cupcakes for it as well as cupcake pops. I thought the cupcakes turned out really cute, I had so much fun dolling them up with cute sprinkles and gems:)

Just two weeks to go....although I wouldn't be mad if she came early, I'm ready for her!

This is just one of the darling dresses my mother in law sent me from Italy,
she and my father in law and living there at the moment serving an LDS mission.
I think my little girl is going to be super fashionable with all of the adorable clothes
I got!


  1. you look great and your baby shower looked wonderful! love the dress your MIL sent, so pretty!! my ILs lived in Africa on a mission and she didnt send anything that beautiful!

    hope she comes soon, i bet you are very excited!

  2. Carly- you look fabulous! And those cupcakes are seriously gorgeous!! Yummm

  3. I cannot believe you only have two weeks left. It has gone by so fast! You look truly amazing. She will be fashionable wearing clothes from Italy. Can't wait to see your beautiful girl!

  4. Another beautiful shower with yummy food! That's great. That outfit from Italy is adorable. Lucky little girl.

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  6. Love seeing you pregnant! Only two weeks!

  7. Carly! So good to find your blog!!

    The shower was so cute. Of course, with Carly, I'd never expect anything less. You have great taste and a beautiful personality.

    Love you, girl!