Friday, February 18, 2011

Pro Bieber

This is going to be a very odd post for my blog :) This is probably the last thing anyone would expect to find on my blog-a post about Justin Bieber :) And I know there has been a shortage of cooking posts lately on my blog and for that I'm sorry, I promise one is coming soon! But for now, I want to share some thoughts about Justin Bieber :)

Justin Beiber- I don't follow him much but certainly can't get away from news about him because he is the hot thing right now, so certainly I am hearing the huge uproar people are having about his comments he made to Rolling Stone about his feelings on abortion. His words exactly ""I really don't believe in abortion … It's like killing a baby." When asked about situations in which women become pregnant after being raped, Bieber said he believed "everything happens for a reason," but noted, "I haven't been in that position, so I wouldn't be able to judge that." That's his opinion, so no big deal, right? Well a lot of people think it's a big deal and I just have some comments I'd like to share.

What really got me to sit down and write this post were the comments made on the Joy Behar show. She had a panel of people, all slamming the Biebs and one lady made some pretty creepy comments, even going so far to say "why wasn't he aborted?" My stomach got sick. I was in awe while I was listening to this, how is that considered to be an ok thing to say? I am grateful for blogging, it's a wonderful ability to share with others many things including the things you believe, I love these words regarding the sanctify of life, I believe them very strongly, I am entitled to my beliefs, so is Justin Bieber, and so is Ms Behar who disagrees. I will not type in lenghth my opinions about the matter because they are much more eloquently expressed here.

They also commented on the show how young Justin was and how could he have an opinion about such a grown up issue, but if his opinion was the opposite would we even be talking about this? Or would they have said he had such a mature mind? Possibly, who knows. I normally don't interject my personal opinions on my blog much :) however, I have been so unsettled with what I have been hearing that I just felt like getting my opinion out there :)

I am so grateful for the precious little life I have been blessed with and entrusted with. I saw my little Eleni's heart beat at just 6 weeks. It was amazing.

Again, never would I have thought I would be posting about Justin Bieber hehe, but I feel very strongly about this issue. I promise a post will be coming very soon of a lighter topic :) How does ribolita soup sound??

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope you have a great day :)


  1. I have always been a Bieber fan, in fact you might say that i have "Bieber Fever" :) I LOVE his music and think he is just adorable. But, after hearing about his abortion comment I love him even more! So glad you posted about this :)

  2. Even though I am slightly anti-Biebs, I love all your awesome recipes so far and am your newest follower! Hope that wasn't creepy lol!