Thursday, March 3, 2011

Would you forgive me if I lied to you???

So remember when I said I was going to post about ribolita??? Well, that's not going to happen I decided until I move :) So sorry, but things have been craaazy! Micah's been gone, leaving me to pack pretty much the whole house by myself, with a darling 10 month old baby who wont sit still :) It's been a challenge, but it has been possible because of my amazing mom who wins the mom and yia yia of the year award!!! It seriously overwhelms me with how much she has done, can't put it into words how grateful I am for such an amazing mom who is seriously the hardest worker I know, and who will do absolutely anything for her children.

Packing has brought up a series of emotions. Last night my mom and I took a break to watch some American Idol, soon after we both found ourselves crying, for no specific reason. Just a lot of emotions came up. It's hitting us both that I will soon be gone. But the tears weren't all sad tears, I would say they were mostly not sad tears. I could maybe describe them as tears of something new if that makes sense. A new and exciting part of my life that is waiting. Definitely a new part of my life that will have different challenges, but many wonderful things as well.

My mom and I worked all day yesterday, as we had been doing since Sunday. My mom left around 9:30 and I continued to work until 12:30. After feeling like I had accomplished a lot I got ready for bed and knelt for my evening prayer. After I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I found myself crying again!-this time by myself :) I was feeling something I hadn't felt for a while. I moved a lot growing up, and each move made me draw closer to the things I love most, which are my faith and my family. I had such a gratitude last night for my faith, it is truly the one constant in my life that is there wherever I go. I peeked at Eleni while she was sleeping, she looked so precious that my heart skipped a beat. I know that as long as I am with my little family and draw near to my Heavenly Father everything will be ok.

I had a huge realization last night that if I don't experience change, I wont draw as close to the things that are so dear and special to me. I am excited and grateful for this new chapter in my life. A new chapter that is only 6 days away! I better get back to packing, I think the end is semi in sight :)


  1. I loved reading this! I'm glad you are getting more excited and I loved your insight on how change is good and will help you grow closer to your family and Heavenly Father. That pretty much summed up how I feel. Thanks for sharing! See you in 5 days :)

  2. Carly I just jumped on here to see what you've been cooking and really thought your post was so nice, you are a really strong person and such a good example to me. I will miss seeing you as often as we do but I am so happy for you, I think this will be such a good experience for you and your darling family. I will for sure be visiting you sometime, maybe not soon, but sometime! You better let me know every time you come home and also call me whenever you feel like chatting. GOOD LUCK...I may or may not see you before you go, but love you lots!

  3. Oh, BTW you do have an awesome mom! Why does it take us like 20+ years to realize how amazing they are???