Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Micah! And Welcome Home Matt!

Well this past week has definitely been a busy and exciting one. It was my sweethearts 24th birthday on the 13th and on that same day his brother Matt was coming home after serving a LDS mission in Italy for two years. I decided to make a big happy birthday/welcome cake for the occasion. I made a cookies n cream cake with a chocolate buttercream filling with crushed oreos and then vanilla buttercream on the outside. It was pretty good, but, unfortunately we didn't get to eat it with everyone. Matt's plane was given the wrong flight plans forcing him to be 3 hours late to the airport. But all was well when he finally arrived! I was however stuck with quite a bit of cake so I took it the next day to my parents and ate it in celebration of my dads birthday as well as Micah's.
I had to put a side shot of the cake on because the stripes of fondant
on the edges of the cake took me forever!

Me with the finished product

Micah and I at Benihana's for his b day dinner
right before we head to the airport
to pick up Matt.

Waiting anxiously at the airport!
Make a wish!
Happy birthday Micah!

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