Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mama Mia!

A few days ago my mom came over to my inlaws to teach me, my mother in law, my cousin in law, sister, and sister in law a thing or two about making home made pizzas. My mother in law was particularly excited because she is Italian, but we were all excited to taste these delicious pies. The night started out pretty mellow, but with a Greek mother and an Italian mother in law it didn't stay that way for long...

My cousin started chopping the red onions for the pizzas,
when her eyes got teary I told her about my trick
and gave her some sunglasses...but my mother in law had a better idea...

Good thinkin Binc! That will definitely do the trick!

My mother in law Bianca, and my mom Penny
holding up the beautifully risen pizza dough.
I decided to try to get in touch with my Italian side
by trying out a pizza dough toss...
My cousin in law Tanya was a lot better, must be an Italian thing.
Next time I might try shouting "oopa!" as I toss, maybe my Greek side
will give me the oomph that I need to make that baby fly!

Now for the toppings, ready for this? Fresh mozzarella, fontina
(yes pricy, but worth it!), fresh tomatoes, red onion, and fresh basil from the garden
Mama mia now that's a pizza! It is probably the closest
thing you could get to without having to hop on a plane
to have a true Italian thin crust. My mother in law bought a stone from
Williams Sonoma for pizza's, it was supposed to give them that true fire oven taste, but to be honest, we liked the plain old cookie sheets the best. We felt it gave the pizza's a crispier crust.

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