Friday, December 5, 2008

And now...the debut of my mini cupcakes!

After being inspired by minis cupcakes in Utah I decided to make my own creations. I used my devils food cupcake recipe that I used for my Halloween cuppies, and the I used a cream cheese frosting. I wanted them to have a really fun top so I filled the cupcake liners almost to the top so they could really over flow. It worked out pretty well. I also tried some new piping techniques that I am really excited about! I have always wanted to know how to do a rose type of flower and I played around with a few tips till I got the one I was looking for. So enjoy the following pics that document my very first mini cupcakes! They were so fun to make that I'm sure you will see a lot more popping up on my blog!

Here is the rose piping I did. I was really happy with how it
turned out considering it was my first. Next time I will hopefully perfect it
even more! I think these cuppies would be really cute for a wedding or special occasion.

My mini army of cupcakes all lined up!
And a top view of all the different piping.


  1. Oh my land! Those are the cutest ever! I want one!!! Have you done any red velvet cupcakes yet??? Dana

  2. Dana,

    I actually have done red velvet! I am going to be posting them soon!

  3. Hey Carly,

    So beautiful.

    I have to admit though, your rose looks more like a Camelia. WHich I love cause its the the State Flower of Alabama. lol..

    Come on, We see roses all the time, right? ha ha ha..

    No, the layers that you have is just so nice. I can only imagine how many napkins I would need to use after my first bite.

    Or, would I lick off as much frosting as I could first, and then eat it with no napkin.

    So many decisions...

  4. These are really beautiful! Those roses look so cute :).