Monday, December 22, 2008

Haven't had enough calories yet during this lovely Christmas season? Try these butter tarts!!

These butter tarts are super yummy and not very shy on the calorie side either. You will know what I mean as soon as you see how much butter goes into them, but it is so delish! I made them a few weeks ago for a family dinner and people raved about them. One cousin imparticular was very taken with these yummy bars. The crust was very buttery and had a very lovely texture like a shortbread should have, not too crumbly and still moist. The filling was fabulous and I do recommend adding the nuts like the recipe suggests. I used to be a "no nut in my dessert" type of person but I am realizing how wonderful it can be! The whole dessert is very goey and soft that the nuts give it a good crunch and texture. However, I did not add raisins, but if your a lover of raisins go for it! I am just not there yet...Enjoy! You can find the recipe courtesy of The Joy of Baking here

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