Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to all you Wonderful mothers-especially mine:)

I can't believe that this mothers day I am actually a mom! It's so sureal I can't get over it. Now that I'm a mom I am realizing everything that mothers do for their children. I am very new to this mom thing, I've only been a mom for 4 days but am already realizing the sacrifices mothers make for their children. I am so grateful to have a mom who has always put her children first. I am amazed at how much she does and has done for me. I'll never forget her walking up and down the hospital floors with me while I was in labor. I'll never forget her staying up all night with me while I was laboring and telling me I could do it and how I was doing amazing. I'll never forget her helping me push my baby out, and just looking at her gave me the strength to know I could do it. Since I've had my baby she has already made my husband and I dinner, did my laundry, and slept over to take care of our little Eleni so Micah and I could get some sleep. She is sleeping over again tonight so we can catch some shut eye. Isn't she amazing? Anyways, just had to express my love and gratitude for my mom on this mothers day. I love you so much mom! I appreciate everything you do for me.


  1. She is so perfect!! Congrats Carly!! And happy first mothers day!!

  2. I'm sure glad I checked your blog!! I had no idea!! Congrats Carly that's so wonderful for you and Micah. I'm looking forward to the "birth story". I hope everything is dandy!!:)